Our fees

Information about our rates

Property Sourcing
Where Luxury Student Homes are tasked to source a property we charge a 1.5% finder’s fee (based on purchase price of the property).

Property Development
LSH Developments works on a cost plus basis and charges a 10% project management fee to cover refurbishment and renovation works (based on the total cost of all refurbishment and furnishing works).

Property Lettings & Management
Luxury Student Homes charges a 15% management fee for the management of each property based on gross rental income.

In addition to this we charge a flat fee of £300 to manage the HMO application procedure if a HMO license is required (only applicable to properties over 3+ floors and 5+ bedrooms).

A charge of £100 applies to any property that requires management of the Selective License process.

A monthly fee of £25 is charged to conduct monthly safety checks required by Liverpool City Council.

All fees are exclusive of VAT